Hi, I'm Coralie !

Game Producer

[Looking for a 6 months internship in video games management starting from march 2020]
Double master degree student in management at the CNAM-ENJMIN (french video games school) and in marketing at Sciences po Lyon.
Passion, teamwork and creation are, for me, the pillars of the development of a video game. As a producer, I see myself as a pivot, coordinating and making work together the many talents needed. From Spain to Japan, I'm always seeking for new challenges!
To learn more about my experience please download my resume and don't hesitate to contact me for more informations

LOCO BINGO - Internship

Game Producer - Playspace

Loco Bingo is a casual social bingo game on mobile and Facebook. As the flash technology is shutting down, Playspace decided to switch from flash to HTML5. Unfortunately, the change made them lose payments and users. Because of that, my role was to make and lead a project of improvement of Loco Bingo on Facebook.

My role

> Analyze of the gameplay and playing dynamics from a product perspective

> Analyze of the player motivations and user persona

> Analyse of the business economics and game KPIs from a business and analyst perspective

> Combine all the above and give suggestions & recommendations

> Coordinate and follow up with the teams regarding those changes

> Analyze with the Business Intelligence team the results and do iterations


> Creation of a remarketing campaign 

> Improve the HTML5 version with better feedbacks and interface working with programmers and artists

> Elaboration of the design of a social feature to improve the natural retention

> Work on the SEO of the Facebook page with the marketing team 

> Creation of task follow document to communicate about the project


Game Producer - Student project

Aurore is a contemplative adventure-puzzle game in third person point of view. You play as Aurore, a young girl travelling by train. During her journey, she gets lost in her reverie and imagines a destructured world, where she has the power to resize objects. https://reverie-forge.itch.io/aurore

My role

> Manage a 9 persons team to create a game project in 2.5 months

> Define deadlines and objectives 

> Evaluate the risks of the project and take decisions when it is needed 

> Facilitate the communication between team members 

> Find funds to develop the project

> SWOT and benchmark analysis to make the marketing of the game


> Creation of a game that won a prize at the BIC festival and has been selected for the Indieplayground Dreamhack

> Use of hack’n plan for the day-to-day task tracking based on agile methods (user stories…)

> Creation of GANTT planning with MOSCOW method prioritization

> Use of risk diagram 

> Organization of weekly meetings 

> Organization of the work space: planning and objectives always visibles

> Budget and pot campaign on Go fund me (515€ on an objective of 350€)

> Planning of awards submissions and twitter communications


Lead game designer - Student project

Augure is an interactive room that combine virtual and physical interactions. The player will have to solve riddles in this curiosity cabinet to find informations about a lost beloved one. Thanks to the use of NFC placed in tarot cards, Arduino, connected lamp and a touch screen, the player is immersed in an original experience with a strong ambiance. https://augureteam.itch.io/augure

My role

> Create an immersive and coherent experience in 2.5 months

> Define a narrative framework which fits the ambiance

> Create a riddles system that fits the story, the ambiance and the 10 minute time limit of the school exercices

> Garanty the coherence and the vision of the project



> Creation of a connected room with immersive riddles

> Narration linked to the ambiance and coherent with the gameplay

> Creation of flowcharts of the voice over

> Creation of an interactive voice system over depending on player actions

> Balanced riddles


Game producer - Student project

Phased is a Shoot'em up game made in 1 month with a team of 9 persons. It is a local multiplayer game in which you control half of a ship and your partner controle the other half. Stay close to your friend to get stronger and destroy ennemies.

My role

> Manage a team of 9 persons who, for some of them, never made a game before

> Organize the workflow to reach the quality level we wanted respecting students christmas holidays

> Keep the motivation of the team to continue the project after the academic deadline to polish the game


> Clear definition of each member’s responsabilities

> Work remotely with GANTT like planning

> Define clear objectives 

> Organization of 2 « jam weekend » to work on the project outside of the classes and holidays


Thank you for your attention. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more informations.